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A few ?? on turbocharging the first gen escorts

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What pumps and injectors will work in thr first gen escorts (89 1.9L). How about an adjustable fuel regulator for stock fuel rail?? Im trying to put together a good turbo combo for a friends 89 escort GT. I would like to make 200-250hp. We are currently running to lean with the stock fuel pump and 24 lb injectors with a T25 turbo

Will a 5.0L mustang fuel pump fit?

We are now running only 4psi boost. After I finish building a alky injection kit I want to run 10 psi.
.....under boost
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no one has ever turbo-d a first gen escort. wow.
Go to the ERDT Escort racing development team web site and look under forced induction there is a great amount of information there

Just about any parts from a Mustang 5.0 will work. I know the Injectors will work. I´m 98% sure the fuel pump will work too, and 75% sure the fuel pressure regulator will work as well. If the regulator will work that means there are a ton of adjustable aftermarket regulators out there to choose from, same with the fuel pump. Also you could get the injectors from a T-bird Turbo Coupe, or Super Coupe. They are highter output than the stock 5.0 injectors.
Last time I checked ERDT they were down due to a hacker attack. Any news on that?
ERDT moved to a new style of forum you can link to it from there old site. There keeping the old on for archives though.
thankyou , If mustang stuff works that would be excellent!!!
Try this site: He´s got a 1st Gen GT turboed. http://www.turboegt.com/
hey, you should dump the t25 and get a t3 from a Merkur XR4Ti.
im considering turboing my 88 egt. What did you use for a turbo exhaust manifold? I was probably going to make one anyway, but if i can get one easy it would save me the trouble
also, unless youve upgraded your connecting rods or pistons, id go easy on that 10 psi of boost. Somewhere i read that a factory 1.9L HO can only handle 7 or 8 psi safely. But if youve upgraded your rods and pistons, and your fuel management, i think you could easily run 15 psi.
dont take my word for it...im not a turbo expert, but ive done some research
good luck
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