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A Day I Won´t Forget

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2 of my truly close friends died on Friday night. They were speeding on a wet, windy road and lost control when they tried to break and slid into the oncoming lane and struck a Yukon head on. The driver and the passenger were killed instantly and the passenger in the back was thrown from the car out the rear windshield and broke his leg severely and punctured a lung, but luckily he survived. I mean it is so unreal you never think it would happen to anyone you know. Here is the story in St. Louis´ Paper

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Damn dude, I´m sorry. I wish there were something I could do to help.
Deepest sympathy goes out to you and all who knew them.
I too am sorry for your loss.

This is what gets me when people race on the street. I´m not saying they were. I am just saying poeple don´t seem to understand that it only take ONE small mixup and thats it.

If there is anything we can do let us know.
I"m sorry to hear that...it sucks to lose people you love. I´ve never had the experience of losing two of my friends in a car accident. but I feel your pain none the less.
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