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Project98lx said:
I'd like to know how hard it is to remove the front lower bumper of a 98 scort lx. Does anybody know how to do it?
Yeah, it's actually really simple..
I just removed mine to make clear corners out of my headlights...took me about 10 minutes to remove mine :)
I have a 98 wagon, don't think it'd be much different on yours...

First , remove the 2 bolts holding your lower bumber cover to the plastic "frame" that your headlights are fastened to. Then remove the plastic screw that is there for an unknown reason...

Now remove the plastic wheel well cover that covers up your wires and such above your tires.
You may have to remove your wheel for this job, since there's a screw way up behind your wheel that's kinda hard to get to, unless you have a small hand and a small ratchet..

Now if you take a screw driver and place it vertically about 1 inch behind your bumber cover towards the front, you'll find a screw that holds your bumber cover to the fender..remove that screw. (it was a screw on my right side, bolt on the other..)

now there'll be 2 bolts holding the bumber cover to the fender in the joint below your headlight, take those two out..
Now all you have to do is pull your bumber cover straight forward to get it off.. careful so you don't scratch the paint when you set it down somewhere...

you will have to remove the bumber cover to remove your headlights if anyone is wondering...

and, it sure makes getting to your horn real simple!
It's right there in the open when the bumper cover is removed..

hope this helped, and that you're not more confused now than what you were before you asked the question... :)
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