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98 zx2 - transmission oil pan bolts??

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I am not a mechanic by any means, so please forgive my ignorance- my zx2 (bought about a year ago) has BLACK trans fluid. Needed to replace some bushings and whanot- figured I'd change the trans filter and add some stop-slip whole the belly band was off- five of the oil pan bolts just snapped right off at the head馃檭

I'm having a hard time finding replacements that are a guaranteed fit, but I have no knowledge on the matter.

Can anyone please link me to some legit trans oil pan bolts?
If anyone has tips to remove the broken bolts, I would appreciate it!

Thank you for your time馃槉
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I think they are a m6 1.0. You should be able to take them to a hardware store and find identical bolts. As for the broken ones you will have to drill them out and install helicoils
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I have rebuilt five of the F4EAT transmissions on my five Escorts. In each case there were some damaged bolts, either cross threaded or having stripped threads. Since I was doing a rebuild I had the transmission out of the car to do it, so had removed the front-to-rear crossmember that is below the transmission, and which interferes with direct access to getting the bolts out. But with that crossmember out of the way I could drill out the old bolts or drill into the case to install the M6-1.0 hellcoils. It seemed there were 1 or 2 bad bolts on each transmission; presumably from poor access to getting a wrench onto those bolts with the front-to-rear crossmember in the way.
I can also attest that they are M6-1.0, and (maybe 10mm / 12mm / or 16mm long)..
I'm guessing that the ones that broke were the ones that go through the case and have a part sticking out or exposed that got rusted. Replace those with stainless steel ones!
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