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Hi, I am new to the board and apologize for making a new thread for this, but I searched my butt off and couldn't find an answer.

I have a 1998 Escort ZX2 automatic that I picked up off of a nice old lady. It had about 50k miles on it and I've put about 15k on it so far. I absolutely love this car.

Thing is, I took a long trip in it and was noticing that it was shifting really hard going into 2nd gear (was stuck in traffic going about 5-20mph). At part throttle, once I hit about 12mph or so, it would shift extremely hard into 2nd that I was probably disturbing other cars on the road with my jerking zx2. I can tell it is doing it in other gears, but once you get moving, the full line pressure shift isn't as noticeable as it is in the 1-2 shift.

I'm a little mechanically inclined, but I'm not sure where to start. The check engine light isn't on or anything. In my experience, when a car does this, its usually an electronic problem which is causing the transmission to default to full pressure.

Searching around, I've found a lot of people with the same problem, but no answers other than to switch to a 5speed or check a sunroof fuse(??).


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