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98 Neon

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Hey people. Well i think it might be time for my EGT to find a new home. It has 150,000 miles, slight body damage, leaks oil, but the worst part is that it needs new brakes and struts. I dont wanna put the $800 into it. With that many miles the engine could blow next week. So i went to the bank. That said that i could afford a $6000 car. 20% down. 7.75% for 36 months. I found a 1998 Dodge Neon for $4800 with 45,000 miles. It is a rental car companies. It books for $6000. I test drove newer Escorts but they just didnt have the same feeling or power as my GT. And the Automatic sucks. Any suggestions?
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Unless it´s a Neon R/T or ACR, I wouldn´t touch it. You´ll be gaining hp but losing time. The R/Ts and ACRs have balls though, more so than any Escort GT stock for stock. Try to find one of those used. 45k miles for 6k...I dunno it´s up to you.
If your engine is in nice shape and running right, it should last a while
longer. some guy here has a 92 GT with almost 300,000 miles.
never rebuilt either.. :)
If i was you and i was in the market for a 4 cyl i would get a zx2 5 spd. Quick cars and faster then your prior gt.
Quicker by .4 seconds. gettin a better R/T would tie it up or I could even take ya in my 92 GT ;-)
ZX2s aren´t going to be under $6,000 bucks as of yet anyway. so a used Neon R/T would be the best way to go. (can´t believe I just said that.)
There are tons of zx2´s under 6000 i found at least 20 with in a hundred miles of my home on auto trader. Besides the tran´s in the neon have been prety crapy from personal experince. Iv´e kinda noticed that alot of front wheel drive transmisions from dodge seem to have problems. Maybe its just me but i know at least three people who have had there tranmisions rebuilt.
Remember, he´s up in Alaska. Chicago has lots of people, prolly more so than all of Alaska total lol ;-) Prolly not a ton of used cars up there like there are elsewhere.

19-04-2003 at 01:44, ZX2rip wrote:
If i was you and i was in the market for a 4 cyl i would get a zx2 5 spd. Quick cars and faster then your prior gt.


Faster? maybe about the same, both get to 0 to 60 in 8.0 seconds, and
to 0 to 100 in 25 seconds. Ive read that Zx2´s have a top speed of 102
(Gov), and a GT top speed is 120. Stock for both cars here. :)
i would go with the neon,its not that bad looking ,it has tons of aftermarket stuff available(at a pretty affordable price too),its in your price range,its got low miles and any car will last you a very long time IF you maintain it properly.anyway its your choice ,go take the car for a little ripper and see how you feel in it ,if the the car makes you feel good go for it.oh unless its a 4 door or an auto.i hate when people rice out a 4 door econobox.anyway good luck and let us know what you decide.
I have decided to fix my rear brakes. The suspension ill just let got. Car payements are something i dont want or need. I drove the Neon. 4 door (good) auto (bad) no cruise, tilt, moonroof, not even a cassette player. The power was ok, but slower then my GT. It rode nicer, but then again i need new struts. My car runs good. Ill just fix the brakes, and check the oil often sinse it leaks about 1 quart every two weeks. But all in all its an ok car. And i just got a grill and a headlight to replace the ones i broke from my accident. Yeah no more duct tape. !!!! So ill just turn to Jesus with my car and pray for it every day. Maybe he will even add HP?
if it leaks that much oil have you checked your drain plug? my EGT was leaking oil like crazy, turns out i got bored one day and went under there to see what it was and i could turn the drain plug with my fingers. tightened it up and now it takes a month for the damn engine to burn 4 quarts of oil. ;-)
Thats alot of oil for a engine with only 91,000 miles. :-?
My car is a major POS. it had two owners before me, one lived in Ohio somewhere and the other lived up on the n/e side of fort wayne. neither one of them took care of it. I don´t know what the hell happened to it before I got it. :-|
If I ever find any GT´s for sale around here, in nice shape, Ill let you
know, if you like. ;-)
No, but thanks. I think I´ll try to grab the LTS and I´ll be done buying cars until they both die off. ;-)
i take offense to a prior comment. it went something like this "unless its a 4 door or an auto.i hate when people rice out a 4 door econobox" dude you can kiss my ass. i guarantee my car looks nicer then yours so shut up dont hate on things you dont know about.
You should take offense cuz yer car aint shit ,and who the fu&^ do you think you are tellin me i dont know about shit ,that was my opinion and you dont fu*&ing know me so dont judge me or my ride cuz i guarantee its alot cleaner and in better shape than yours,125,000 miles and it burns nor leaks not a drop of oil,not one bit of rust on the entire car,the paint has a perfect shine the only thing is a few shopping cart dings but who doesnt have them.anyway i could go on but its a waste of my time .Dont go talkin shit if you dont know shit. :-]

Oh and p.s. kiss my ass
*senses a flame war coming and stays out of it, only after saying one thing:* Opinions are opinions! If you don´t like it get over it!
dude you can kiss my ass in macys window my car has only repeat only 31000 on it not 32000 not 125000 on it no no 31000 thankyou very much have a nice day putz i bet my car is cleaner anyway oh yeah i dont grocery shop with food stamps so i dont have any digs fuckface
huh thats queer i went to see your car if it was actually in competition with my car and funny thing you dont even have a site so shut your pie hole and go for a drive in your car that doesnt look as good as mine and cry. ps 4 door integras are bad ass just to name a 4 door car thats nice
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