You read right no BS a 98 Gen 3 Wagon for Free. This was my wife's little car she drove it home new from the dealership 24 years ago. It has a clean title (I'm digging for it) and has been in a garage it's entire life. In 2011 it acquired a blown head gasket and needed a bunch of work. Which I had a family member who has his own shop rectify. From tearing that little engine's head off and sending it out to be machined and rebuilt. To spending upwards of a thousand in new parts also. Head machined & reinstalled then a water-pump and complete belt kit w tensioner, alternator, radiator w hoses, battery (now dead). Oh plugs wires cap and rotor ,I almost forgot. I also did the brakes all the way around and gave it a new set of sneakers aka tires. Had it inspected and registered it ran great. I was looking at also rebuilding the suspension but then my wife had a stroke and could no longer drive her little red wagon. I kept it in the garage hoping my Son would drive it to college. Yeah he never wanted it, so it got parked in the garage and hasn't moved since 2012. As you can see on the pictures it has one rusted area by the gas filler door (pic 2) and the rear wrap around is starting to separate just below.

Here is the catch, it has to be gone yesterday! I moved and my old landlord wants it out now! My son lives in that apartment now and has a vehicle and want's it gone also. From the day of this post Lil Red Has 7 Days to find a new owner and home or it goes to the Junk Yard. Yes it makes me sick to see it go. But I'm 60 and take care of my wife full time and no longer have the resources or need to keep it. It has a front passenger tire that went flat just sitting there. Best that you bring a way to move it trailer, tow whatever it hasn't moved in 10 years now.

DM me "Dave" on this board, the first person to set up a pickup time and shows up gets the car. It's that simple no B.S. contact me and come get your car!!