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97 Escort transmission

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I am all ready to change the transmission oil (5sp manual) in my wife´s 97 Escort, but have two problems:
1. Owners manual says to use Mercon/Dexron, but factory workshop manual says to use 75w90 gear oil. Which is better?
2. To replace transmission oil you need to remove vehicle speed sensor. The VSS is located down behind the engine. I can barely get my hand down far enough to even touch the top of the VSS. Is it possible to remove this little critter without removeing a bunch of hoses? Does not look like I can get to it from underneath either. Anyone done this?
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Though i haven´t played with the new escorts much most auto makers put in "tricks" to make it easy for the mechanics on the dealership level.I have seen access holes in the fire wall some bolted some plugged, through the fender skirts hidden under the rubber flap.I´m not saying this is the case here but look around your engine compartment, the hole may be no bigger than the tool needed to take it apart.The linkage tunnel may be worth looking at to.You might stop at a ten minute oil change place too alot of those guys are willing to help you out by telling you the tricks they have learned.I mean come on they do it every day and in five years since your car was made they have probably done it once or twice.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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