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Hello folks. My sister's 97 Ford Escort threw a rod. I figure I've got at least three options.
1.) Rebuild engine
2.) Replace with same engine
3.) Swap engine to DOHC engine.

What I'm looking for are suggestions for the third option. Would it be a direct bolt-in to use the ZX2 DOHC engine. What other parts (Computer, electronics, fuel pump, exhaust, etc...) would I need in order to do the swap? Is it worthwhile to do the swap. The car will be a daily driver, just looking for more kick. No racing or anything like that.

Thanks in advance.


Is there actully a rod sticking out of the block? There could be a simpler problem, I never heard of a 2.0 SPI to throw a rod.

First thing you should do it call around and get a junk yard price on both the block and a complete engine. You might find it cheaper to buy a junk yard motor instead of rebuilding the one you have.

The Zx2 swap is OK, not a simple drop-n-plug in. Be prepared to wire. But the motor does bolt in.
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