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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone else might have had the same problem I've had on the hood latch of a 97 escort.

When you try to close the hood after opening it for whatever reason, the hood latches but you can lift the hood up about two to three inches. So its not closed entirely (although partially locked in) and could be a risk for a Tommy Boy-like experience of having the hood fly open while driving.

After checking out the interior and the handle for opening the hood, I'm guessing that the cable leading from the handle to the latch in the hood has lost its pressure or whatever it is that keeps the hood locked down. In other words, it almost feels like the interiors handle was somehow broken or lacks the power to relock the hood.

Has anyone else had this problem and maybe diagnosed it better than I have?

Thanks, everyone.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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