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My stock 96 lx 5 speed won't run. It stalled today and will not restart. I checked the timing belt and replaced it. I put the engine in time put it all back together. The motor turns over but it sounds like it is fighting itself. It wants to start but won't and just sputters. Checked the oil, belts, spark plugs, wires, battery, looked for vaccum leaks, checked fuel pump pressure, tried to pull codes but found none and rechecked timing. Tried to restart it and it fired up, spit and sputtered and knocked then immediately stalled. The knock was down low so I am thinking a rod bearing. I drained the oil and strained it for metal fragments but found none.

I think it is kind of odd that the knock was gone one second and there the next. Usually they give you a little warning.

I am wondering if there is a sensor I should check before I tear the motor down. Maybe the crank postiion sensor? I have no basis for this conclusion.

I have fuel, fire, air, and proper timing. I should have combustion. Can a bad crank sensor fool the computer into thinking one of these requirements is missing?

Thanks for your help
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