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96 egr swap to 92 non egr

Discussion in 'Engine Tuning' started by EscortingShagWagon, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. EscortingShagWagon

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    I've got a 96 1.9 that obviously has the egr intake and all the emission stuff, am I able to swap my intake from a 92 that doesnt have all the emission stuff? (I actually have the whole top end off the 92 so I could use the head also.) Is there any performance gains by doing so?
  2. novanutcase

    novanutcase FEOA Member

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    As far as I know, there is no performance gain. Also, depending on your states smog rules, you can't touch or modify the emissions system on ANY car without disqualifying it as streetable so I would leave that part alone.

    I don't remember if your year car has the SPI intake setup but if it does I don't like it. I had an SPI in my wagon and once I saw the dual runner setup they had I thought it was dumb. In my case, the wagon came with an ATX and I wanted to swap it to an MTX along with trying to up the torque from the motor. I prefer torquey motors over high hp motors for street use. I found a crashed ZX2 with an intact driveline and swapped the Zetec and MTX in the ZX2 into the wagon. Probably one of the best things I could have done to the wagon for my purposes. Zetec platform will add around 20 more horses on its own. I replaced the computer that came with the stock ZX2 and used a computer out of the ZX2 S/R model. That added a little more HP and torque. Throw in a pacesetter shorty header and add a few more h/p torque to the mix along with the CAI from the S/R. I also modified the air filter box by sawing off the puny intake snout and added a larger opening. If I'm not mistaken the stock air box has a 1 1/2" snout. I cut the airbox and fitted a 3" snout. My next mods are going to be replacing the clutch with a fresh one since it's starting to slip so while I'm in there I'm also going to replace the stock flywheel with a lightened aluminum one for better throttle response and added torque.

    Since they're pretty anal out here about emissions I have to keep it N/A and even then, mods like CAI's and headers will fail the visual smog inspection so I have to be extra cautious about what mods I can get away with but if you're in a state that is more lax I would do the zetec swap like I did but also turbocharge it. Turbocharging seems to be the most economical way of putting some real horses to the wheels.

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  3. Ranchgang

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    Dose it work on a 3rd gen

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