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...My 95 1.9L has a bit of an issue shifting when the engine warms up. It gets a bit sticky and it makes it rough to shift ... it´ll grind quite a bit too if I´m not careful. In particular since it´s summer ... it seems to be more often than not. I had the clutch replaced 10K miles ago, and I´m wondering if a low transmission fluid level might be causing this. Through the clutch pedal itself...it sometimes feels like it´s not releasing the clutch all the way when I engage it.

Another thing that might help ... When the clutch is out and the car is idling in neutral, there´s also a little bit of a squeaking sound that matches the engine idle ... and it goes away when I put the clutch in. Something dragging here?

Any ideas? Anyone had similar problems?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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