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95 LX Needs new Transmission

Discussion in 'Western Canada' started by Chris_with_wagons, Apr 23, 2016.

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    Hey everyone!

    I was pointed to this forum by a awesome guy and so far really finding it amazing.

    I have a 1995 Escort LX 1.9, 3 speed with overdrive automatic. It has about 250k on her but has been great and reliable up until about a month ago. My transmission has slowly been going and myself not being the best with cars left it to long and now she is just sitting.

    It needs a new transmission. I was told there are quite a few cars out there with the same tranny and I would really appreciate the help into finding one in the lower mainland. If I could get her back on the road it would mean a lot.

    The problem is I don't know where to start.

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    south TX or northern VA
    Welome to the forums!
    The same transmission was used in the Ford Escorts (having automatic transmissions) from 1991 through 1996 - of which many many were made; and the Mercury Tracers which were produced in much smaller numbers. Those are the only cars that I know of which use the same transmission. By model it is a F4EAT, and is a Mazda design. The F stands for Ford, and the 4EAT means four speeds Electronic Auto Trans.
    The similar transmission used in Mazda Proteges and 323's were not close enough to be useable in our Escorts. The transmissions used in the later Escorts, like the 98 and newer were slightly different, and while they look the same on the outside, they use very different doctrine for controlling shifts; using 5 solenoids instead of the four used in the 91-96 F4EATs for instance.

    To get a Junkyard F4EAT I have tried finding ebay sellers that are dismantlers, having transmissions they are selling from other cars, and sending them an email asking if they have an F4EAT. I got what I wanted with the 2nd 'query', in a junkyard close enough that I could drive to it.
    Then you may find an F4EAT on ebay, or on craigslist. The risk with buying a used transmission of course is that it may be close to worn-out itself. And of course there is phoning any junkyards in your region, or going to www.car-part.com
    I have looked at the prices of rebuilt ones, and decided to to the rebuilding myself. I dont regard them as being difficult to rebuild; and Im just a hobbyist, not a pro mechanic. I have rebuilt five of them for folks in my family.

    Be careful of the cable running from the bracket for the throttle cable, that runs behind the intake manifold and to the transmission. It is a vital cable, and some dismantlers will just cut it to get the trans out a little faster. So keep the cable that is with the trans you have now.

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