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95 Escort LX - Headlights parklights not coming on

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I should have shorted the wires when Installing remote start. The headlight and parklights are not coming on. When the Control Switch is pulled towards you, hibeam comes on. Also the console/panel lights are out.

Checked all the fuse on the driver side kickpanel. Anywhere else to check? Also the head fuse under hood near battery are OK!

If i had bown the internal fuse of switch assembly, could I fixit ?I dont mind headlights being on whenever the car runnin.

Appreciate any help! since last two nights I coulnt go out ´cuse of this.

Sam :-(
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How can he have no messages posted?? odd... Yeah, first off is your car a manual transmission? the guy at Ziebart told me I couldn´t install a remote starter on my car because it´s a manual and it could kick the car into gear and stall it... he said it happened to his friends car, so I dunno. You might not mind your high beams coming on during the day but I´m sure other people do. it´s already bright enough for me with the sun in my eyes, I don´t need someones brights too. Try looking at your headlight and parking light bulbs, they might have been fried themselves, if not check your sockets and if you can, the wires themselves. they might have cooked themselves inside the insulation.
A word of advice around electricity: when hooking up new phone lines to a business, don´t put the side of your hand on something metal that carries ringing current. I got a little buzz yesterday. ;-)
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