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95 Escort LX 1.9L Hesitating During Acceleration

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I have a 95 Escort LX with the 1.9L and manual transmission. During acceleration in each gear, the engine hesitates/chokes several times. This happens in all gears. The problem started about 2 weeks ago, just a few short sputters that only occurred when doing a normal acceleration, pushing the pedal bout halfway. When flooring it, the problem wouldn´t show up at all. Now it has gotten much worse, and really chokes badly, even when the accelerator is floored. I checked the computer codes earlier today, and everything came out fine with no error codes, including the per-cylinder injector test. Last weekend I replaced the fuel filter and ran some injector cleaner through it.

Can anyone offer me suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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I had the EXACT same problem change your spark plug wires, one or 2 can be bad which means your only using 1 or 2 cylinders tell me how it goes.
Couple months later this problem is back.

On the advice of the ford dealer, I replaced my spark plugs, and the problem went away for about 1000 miles. After that, I replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, and air filter. Fixed it for about 20 miles this time. Now the problem is back in full force.

Couple new wrinkles for the problem:
- Only does it when engine is warmed up
- Only happens when pressing on the gas more than just slightly (keep it real gentle in each gear and it doesn´t buck at all.

Anyone have any recommendations for fixing this problem?


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Have you tried cleaning the tb out with some carb cleaner?
I had a similar problem about 6 months ago. I had to replace the coil and plug wires and in the process noticed that number 4 plug wire was not in all the way, its a hard one. Nonetheless I kept the new coil and new plug wires, no probelms until I installed my MSD DIS 2 a week ago. The old plugs just couldn´t take it, and $3.00 (4 Bosch Super (Cu) plugs) and 10 min later that probelm was gone. You could have your coil tested or just buy a new one, I think they are like $40 at AutoZone.

I have heard of the bucking under hard exceleration before, Check the flexible air intake hose from the filter box to the throttle body. If it is cracked it might not cause a problem untill the motor moves in it motor mounts making it pull away and open up a crack in the flexible section, letting in unmeterd air and causing A/F ratio problems
my guess is ur timing belt is messed up...if its worn in one spot it will strech just slightly causing it to slip when the engine is warm. and when u push ur gas hard, what are you doing? spinning that belt faster thereby stretching that worn spot. I´ve had my car do the same thing and it had to get retimed...u might wanna get it checked out soon.. running your engine is very bad for it if its out of time. I ruined my valve seals that way.
1.9 is a DIS set up and uses a sensor for timing it doesn´t have a timing belt. So I dont think that would be the problem. But in the Hayne´s there is a list of about 8 things that could be wrong. Most deal with fuel delivery and emissions control.

Sorry, I was wrong there is a timing belt. So that may be the problem. Looks like it is a pretty easy process too.

was gonna say..every car either has a belt or a chain..i dont think ur car has a chain so if i were u i´d get it on a diagnos machine to see what they say... could be somepin else, but alteast u´ll know the problem
Yeah...I know I just had a "stupid" moment. I was thinking no distributor and then didn´t think...something´s still got to drive the cam. Go ahead you can all make fun of me.

Any suggestions for checking to see if it is the timing belt? I was reading through the haynes manual, and it looks pretty difficult to get the belt out to look at it. Would a shop be able to test it easily to determine if that is actually the problem?
It´s not at all hard to do. Did mine myself at the school auto shop a year back. Could have easily did it in my driveway. What a difference the new belt made too.

Matt :cool:
No, I haven´t checked the TPS. How should I check to see if it is ok? The computer didn´t report any problems with it.
silentkevin said:
No, I haven´t checked the TPS. How should I check to see if it is ok? The computer didn´t report any problems with it.
I checked mine by using a wiring harness piece I got from a junkyard and an ohm meter. I disconnected the wiring harness and connected my spare piece to the TPS. I checked the resistance of the TPS while moving the throddle around (engine off) to see if the resistance rose linerally with throddle and no sudden jumps or open spots on the variable resistor inside the TPS.

And did you get your car to run right yet?
i have kindve a little problem like that ... i have a 93 gt i just got the car not too long ago so i havent fixed it.. never had that problem with my lx
the only time i've ever suffered from hesitation during acceleration was when i just ran out of gas. it was quite easy to see what the problem was... :lol:
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