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95 Escort belt-sound

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A buddy of mine runs a 95 Escort manual and is getting a "belt" sound when he first starts it up, like a rubbing or "screaching" sound. I never peeked under the hood and was given only the details above.

Wasn´t sure if there´s a known common problem with a fix out there before I dig deeper.

If so, drop me a line: [email protected]

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Could be either his fan belt or his Alternator belt. They are both fairly easy to tighten just as long as you can get the adjusting bolts loose. Just check in a Haynes/Chiltons manual for directions.
Yeah my car squeaks sometimes too like that. It´s the alternator, power steering, etc belt on the left side of the engine. I´m pretty sure the shop that rebuilt my engine after the timing belt snapped didn´t bother to tighten it down right, seeing as how the oil pan bolt wasn´t completely tightened, and neither were ANY of the 11 Camshaft cover bolts as i found out last weekend...Hell, I could twist one of them with my hands and plenty of them wiggled around. I also found oil in the holes that the spark plugs fit into, so i checked my oil, sure enough, i had to dump two quarts in it.
I recomended my dad to never go back to this shop again. They suck.

My Poor Baby Red 92 EGT
If it´s a 1.9 (lx, pony) then it has a auto tensioner and you can´t tighten it. To shut it up just spray some wd40 on the belt and it won´t make any noise for a while.
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