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95 1.9L Auto stalls at low idle??

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I have a 95 escort lx hb, 1.9L automatic tranny. it keeps stalling while idleing when it´s warm. It works fine when you first start it in the morning or when the engine is cold but it sputters, rough idles and stalls when the engine warms up. It runs fine during normal driving, but once you come to a stop or put the car in park it dies.

so far i´ve replaced the pcv valve, plugs, plug wires, air filter and fuel filter. I looked for a leak in the vacume lines but didn´t see one, but then i´m not sure if i was doing it the right way...

Any ideas as to what the problem could be?
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that sounds like the problem i have, but a little different. it accelerates well, but idles badly (engine being cold or warm, doesnt matter). it´s not anything with the air intake, i tossed in some fuelline antifreeze and carburator cleaner and still. it´s too young for the timing belts to be off, maybe the spark plugs? any suggestions?
oh yeah, i have a 2-door ´95 LX auto as well.
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