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siragan.. where's the wagon love?

Underpowered.. check! lean burn engines are like that.. the good gas mileage is a plus though.

Poor handling.. well, it used to be pretty unpredictable.. until I replaced both outer tie rods, one inner one (ask this guy if he replaced the inner ones) and both ball joints and had it aligned. Now it drives straight as an arrow down the highway and follows curvy roads perfectly.

Shoddy Construction.. same construction as any other escort. Mine has 191k miles and is in great shape. Actually, my car is mostly creak & rattle free... which I can't say for many cars with half the mileage.


What you're describing with the steering sounds like it might have too much front camber and or too much front toe out. *shrug*

I reccomend replacing the springs. The stock rear springs rust and break. My car went through 3 of them (one was broken in two places) before I replaced them with H&Rs.

If you've got to have a wagon, I can definitely reccomend the scorts. It's a very practical car. If you want something fun and sporty and having the cargo room doesn't matter, find an early 90's mazda protege LX. The 91-00 escorts use the same chassis & suspension, but mazda wrapped it all up in a slightly nicer package.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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