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94 Escort

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Hi everyone!
I´m going to buy a 94 Escort. I just wanted to know if there are any known problems with this car? Is it a good buy?
Thanks for your help.
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What kind of 94 escort is it? LX or GT? I´ve heard the LX´s have a slight problem with pinging in warm weather....but I dunno.
I´ve got a 95 LX. All the LX´s ping in warm weather. What I do is just run higher RPM.

What is the best solution is to throw in an MSD. The LX´s are peppy cars... I like em a lot. Make sure you get a good TB and intake O2 sensor though..
Pinging (knocking) is basically when the air/fuel mixture detonates in the combustion chamber before the piston reaches top dead center...pining is not good. It could break a connecting rod and put it through the engine block.
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Hey coolsan, welcome to the club!
I´ve only been an Escort owner for about 5 months, so I´m still learning too, but what wisdom I have, I´ll share with you.
I bought a 91 LX in June, and one of the things that it needed right away was new rear coil springs, both were broken. I´ve heard that this is common with scorts.
I bought a 94 LX last month, and quickly discovered that I was having transmission problems. I was kinda surprised, since it only has 32k miles. But sure enough, the trans was slipping and refusing to upshift whenever the car was cold. Obviously, it´s an auto. Iheard that was fairly common for scorts too. I had the trans rebuilt, and promised myself that the next scort I buy will be 5 speed- I´d rather drive stick anyway!
The last thing that I know of that may be common with scorts is rough idle. I know from the service records that my 94 was in with about 5k miles on it for a rough idle. (it runs smooth as silk now) Also, my 91 has kind of a rough idle, the wheel shakes a bit when I´m at a stoplight, but with 106k miles on it I don´t expect perfection, and the shake kinda gives the scort character!
Lastly, the temp gage recently stopped working on my 94- refer to my post on this.
Hope I haven´t discouraged you from becoming an Escort owner! I´m overall very happy with my 2 scorts and will definitely buy another in the future. They are cheap to buy relative to most other cars, fun to drive, and look good, even stock. Good luck!
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It´s been three or so months since my 94 Escort LX has been with me. Overall I´m happy with the car althouhg a few problemas have shown up.
My auto transmission had to be rebuilt....I just picked it up from the mechanic 3 days ago and it runs sooo smooth. I can´t believe my transmission. The oil pump had to be replaced as well as 2shocks. My A/C needs charge.
Everything else seems to be working just fine....acceleration improved greatly with my new transmission.
if u need any parts...lemme know. im parting out a 93 Escort GT
My dad gave me his 5dr LX auto just under a year ago. Before that he had it from when it was 1yr old (off lease). Only problem in its nine years of service was when the ignition switch crapped out 2 months ago, but that was caused by the extreme cold creating frost in there and shorting it out. Other than that, no probs over the 209 000km on it. All original, engine and tranny :-o No pinging either.

If she´s in good shape, go get her :-D

Matt :cool:
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