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hello all i have been around here for a little while i purchased a 94 escort gt that ran excellent but needed a trans so i got it for 400 bux. I got the car about 2 weeks ago (finally picked it up) and i drove it without first and second gear for a little while. I noticed that the shifter seemed really short and when i pulled on it it came up like 3 inches so i investigaged and found that the isolators on the shifter housing were broke so i screwed them into place with some self tappers and badda bing badda boom 1st and 2cnd gear work. So now instead of spending uber cash on a tranny im gonna go modding just thought id render a small update. I told the kid that sold me the car and asked him if he wanted to buy it back and he declined so i dont even have to feel guilty about it yea for me just wanted to share peace
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