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My first Escort was a 5 spd, 2dr coupe with alloy rims. Young member of my squadron was getting out and returning home and did not want his grandmother to see how many dents the gift vehicle had acquired in barrack's parking. Sold it to me for $100. Drove it for a couple years, on trips from north of Seattle to Salem OR and back could average 42mpg. In town was more like 37. But I wanted a wagon, so got a '94 LX wagon(about 35mpg) that served until we blew the engine driving it in mountains trying to get back to camp with a blown head gasket, Towed behind RV on tow dolly the 1000 miles back home, then replaced with a '96 wagon(also about 35mpg) that has a tach and cruise and is on its 4th engine. Got as high as 38 with the '95 engine that replaced original(that had dropped a valve seat). Unfortunately, had gone to flat towing and our departure check was negligent while leaving relatives and blew '95 engine when it was in first at 45mpg. Next was a '93 engine put in on the road; that dropped a valve seat 2 years later. It now has a no-history salvage '94 power plant getting about 33mpg.
Point being, I have never gotten under 32mpg driving any of these configurations. And the '96 still using the pass down alloy rims! It is our back-up vehicle, and spouse uses it when he picks things up from town. Also still has the base plate for towing just in case my "new" 2006 has issues.
Not in the market for another Escort, so have not really researched values. But it seems to be pretty nice for age. Had no issue selling a 2001 Swift for $1800, it got about 40mpg no effort, and had safety enhancements (though no contest against SUV) and qualified for ferry discount. I think if you could get asking price to just under $2000, may have a better psychological draw.
Good luck, and thanks to those who cared to share the trip back on memory lane.
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