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93 Protege Lx ATX Fit 95 Escort Lx Atx

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Hello, this is my first post to the forum but I am a long term member of Probe Talk Mx-3, and ClubProtege..

Well, I picked up a roller 93 Protege Lx for a Klze Project for this summer.

This Protege Lx is an Automatic, And recenltly my cousin's 95 Escort Lx with the 1.9 Ford Engine Automatic Transmission Went Out..

So i am going to use the Proteges Trans for her Escort.. I am assuming both transmissions are the F-4EAT

First off are they interchangable ?
If So are there any subtle differences I will run into ( I heard Somthing about different final drives ?

Any help is appreciated.. Also is it easier to just pull the entire motor from her escort or change in place ?
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Well it does, Same housing etc not sure on drive ratios but it works,,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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