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93 Escort LX 1.9L rattling sound.

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I have a 93 Escort LX 1.9L and it's making this rattling sound from the the left side of the engine by the belt. Just want to know if anyone has had the same issue. Here's a link to a YouTube video I uploaded.

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I have had rattling sounds, which came from the cam belt not being tight enough. The long dimension of the belt run would then allow the belt to be smacking the long side of the inside timing belt cover. A simple loosening and tightening of the tensioner solved that problem. Other things that can cause similar sounds, would be worn bearings in the tensioner pulley and the idler pulley for the serpentine belt. Also, the a.c. compressor has a pulley and it has a bearing hidden inside it. Its not replaceable on the car, and that bearing going bad can cause the serpentine belt to be skidding over that pulley, and the belt being loose on the side near the tensioner arm. I like to replace the idler and tensioner pulleys about each ten years. The pulleys themselves are not expensive, and come with new bearings. I eventually replace the old a.c. compressors, with a rebuilt, just to have a good bearing inside the compressor pulley; even when the a.c. system no longer works.
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exhaust, probably the heat shield bolts are rusted through.
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Don't rule out your water pump. I had a 94 1.9 where the water pump failed and it made a very similar sound.
Don't rule out your water pump. I had a 94 1.9 where the water pump failed and it made a very similar sound.
Funny you should say this. Today I finally got around to looking for the rattling noise that I heard in my car while driving. Turns out it is the water pump. Sucks because it was just replaced last year when they did the timing belt. Maybe I should have left the old one in there. Off to the mechanic in the morning...
honestly its sort of hard to tell, sounds like there are more than 1 issues there. sound on rev sounds like virbating heat shield, other noise sounds like belt vibration.
All I hear is a loose heat shield. The ones attached to the catalytic converter are good for this. There is/was also one a little further down, attached to the exhaust pipe.

Water pump is more like a knocking sound. It is very rhythmic, synonymous with engine RPM and doesn't really change.

The DSP and laptop speakers changes sound quite a bit. So I'm likely missing details and/or getting some detail exaggerated.
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