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92 Integra

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I was picking up my bro at church and we were all hanging aroud adn one of the guys was liek, u wanna race? Som we went to this road, made an agreement to stop it around 100 or so. So we did a 3-2-1 countdown and we were off. He had me 1, 2, 3, but when i hit 4th, i caught up to him evenly. So we are going liek 100 and i pull ahead ever so slightly, but he starts to honk to slow cause we are gettin into a populated area. So i guess it would be a tossup, very very close. So we get back to the church to get my bro, we talk some more, hes got headers, intake and exaust. It was one of the best races in a while, he was liek, "wow man, im really impressed, that was some sweet shit!" Good times.
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I am finding out most of those ricer boys only have intake, headers, and exhaust...very few go further than that. But I plan to...oh yes...I do...muahahahaha...
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