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well i just blew up my transmission last week. i have already pulled mine out, but now where do i go? i cannot find the transmission anywhere. the only one that i have found, is fucked up. but they only want 75$. should i get the transmission, and try to sell it real quick to some shmuck, or what. i love my car, but i do not think that i am going to find the transmission and everything i need for less than 200 now. i am considering selling the car as it sits.

91 egt. 1.8 ltr. caymen. 184000 miles. new front tires. every reciept from the day the car was made. i am the 2nd owner. custom 2 1/4 " exaust. hi performance ignition coil. 9.3 mm spark plug wires. bumped up timing. running low 8's to high 7's in the 0-60. custom foglights. i know its not saying much, but they are brighter than the headlights. i have people flashing me all night long. slightly custom interior. i would like to get 1100 out of it, but make your best offer. i am going to hate seeing it go.

alright, i need to put this in here also. i have an extra set of rims. i have also done some special mods. i have installed my own set of daytime running lights. when you start the car, the fog lights and the running lights will come on. i have it all run through the stock fog light switch, so you can turn the off if you want to. i will let my cd player go with it. it is a pioneer p4000. it come with a slim remote. it also has a built in car alarm, which i have installed. plus i have new speakers installed and also have tweeters installed in the door panels. there is also an on/off remote on the key chain, so you can listen to the radio without the key in the car.
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