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91-96 Escort cluster/speedometer

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Does anyone know which if any of the speedometer clusters in the 91-96 Escorts are speedometer cable operated or electric? I have a ´94 w/tach and 120mph. Not exactly sure and don´t want to rip my dash apart to find out. Also...does anyone know if the older GT´s (91, 92, 93) are cable operated or electrical? Any info helps. Thanks.
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My ´95 LX´s dash is controlled electronically, at least I´m pretty sure it is. Now that you´ve got me thinking about it I´m not so sure anymore. Anyway, I´m pretty sure it´s electronically run.
My 91 gt is cable not that i know but i had it changed...
I have the ´95 Ford service CD and have pulled the clusters from two ´91s personally. All are cable operated speedos and the rest of the gauges are electronic. And that´s the bottom line.
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