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89 LX Update

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I bought my wagon in February and it had its issues. It needed new tires, it had coolant leaks, power steering leaks, oil leaks, and it was also overheating.

It has 68k miles.

As of now this is what I've done:
Oil leaks fixed
Coolant leaks fixed
Power steering leaks fixed
Bought rear bumper
Patched hole in front bumper
Replaced thermostat
Replaced cooling fan switch
Replaced temp sensor
New tires
Replaced valve cover gasket
Replaced transmission gasket and filter
Patched broken radiator
New air box & air filter
New driver side headlight assembly
New radio
Fixed e-brake light
New alternator
New belt
New starter& Bendix
New battery
New spark plugs
Fresh timing

I was fortunate enough to find an 86 wagon for parts at a local junkyard almost immediately after purchasing it. Since then I haven't seen any near me and the 86 has been crushed.

All that's needed now is a new v-belt.

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Nice. I've got 83 wagon in that same color, beige i guess you would call it. I wish it were in as good condition but still our daily driver at 165K. My advice is stock up on junkyard parts and RockAuto closeouts while you can, everything getting scarce if not unobtainable.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts