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88 GT

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My girlfriends stepdad saw a must buy, an escort gt 250. well i was lookin at it... i would have had to do so much to it. Now hes just gonna give me the escort, its been sitting for a couple years, its stick. As far as i know it needs a major tune up, belts, hoses, and a timing belt. while im at it ill change the cam. It has no headlights hooked up, theyre in the back seat. was beat on, but it has a like new clutch (not sure when the install was done) and was vandalized from the local rice team. Anyways just thought id let everyone in on my score
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Sweet man. Too bad even stocck scorts stomp so much Honda or maybe they would´ve left it alone.
Usually people replace the water pump with the timing belt, not the cam ;-)
im changing the cam to a hotter one. For performance reasons, but i know about the water pump, my dad is gonna help me with all this
Lifters too? The whole 9 yards? Cool, what cam are you getting?
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