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5 speed trans.

Discussion in 'Drivetrains' started by GrandMarquis89, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. GrandMarquis89

    GrandMarquis89 FEOA Member

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    Conemaugh, Pennsylvania
    99 tracer with 5 speed. getting ready to drop the trans. wondering if theres any way to drain the fluid pryor to popping axles so fluid doesn't go everywhere, and if so, wwhat kind and how much fluid fdoes it take and where does it go in? i don't see a fill hole/dipstick...
  2. denisond3

    denisond3 Moderator Staff Member

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    south TX or northern VA
    I dont have a 3rd gen, but on the 2nd gen 5-speed trans's there is a drain plug somewhere on the bottom. Also I believe the 3rd gen 5-speed trans have a filler plug, part way up the side that faces toward the radiator. Its the kind where you pour in fluid until you can feel the fluid when you put a finger tip into the hole. Just for a guess I think they take almost two quarts.
  3. Rectilinear

    Rectilinear FEOA Member

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    Plano, TX
    My 99 Escort has a drain plug on the bottom of the trans. Wish I had found it before I popped my axles out and made a mess....

    As for filling the trans back up, all that I am aware of is removing the speed sensor and filling the trans from there. I need to double check my level as 2nd gear sometimes gets stuck (in gear) and is hard to get out.
  4. LariRudi

    LariRudi FEOA Donator

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    Those of you who "know me", know that I have mostly book learning. I have the official manuals for several years, but in Gen 3 I only go up to 1997, but for 1997 it shows 3.55 quarts, and there IS a drain plug on the bottom. THEN [though I've "heard" otherwise], it says to fill it from the VSS opening like we do on our Gen 2 cars.

    So HOPING that years past 1997 DO have a filler hole "on the side" that is easily accessed and used both for checking and filling.... hoping some of you Gen 3 owners can clarify some of these drain/fill bits of data; it comes up quite often.

    Then to the TYPE of manual trans fluid/oil, again, remember, my owner's manual is a 1997, but it says [interestingly it's the same for both manual and automatic transmissions] Motorcraft MERCON

    [Edit one; OOOOPS, it posted before I was done......... Motorcraft MERCON
    [Edit two; OOOOPS, it posted before I was done......... Motorcraft MERCON Multi-Purpose [ATF] Transmission Fluid.... Ford Part Number XT-2-BDX, -QDX, and to meet Ford Specifications "MERCON"].

    Please use this info with caution as it all came from 1997 Ford Service and Owner's Manuals.

    Good luck,

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  5. ShakeZilla19

    ShakeZilla19 My name is ^^^

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    On my 98, the fill hole I use is the speed sensor hole. I will look for another hole when I get a chance. I also used Mercon V ATF but I recommend using GM syncromesh. The ATF is really thin fluid which is not really Ideal for manuals. Takes about 3.5 quarts.

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