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5 speed egt question..important

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ok i got everything running great...one thing i know im very very low if not out of trans fluid. when it idles it makes lil grinding noises unless its in gear and when i went to move it (backwards like a foot i couldnt get it into gear (ahaha i know cause it was low) i just wanna know if thats normal.
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ok..full of fluid...plus lucas stuff. i start the car, it still makes the noise! so i let it idle..it stops..im like dammit...get in and take off just to see what happenes...its noisey when i shift... and at certain rpms...BUT theres no slippping, no hard shifting....nothing its perfectly fine!! just noisey..what the hell is it, could somethin be in the housing?? ould something be loose? if my transmission was screwed wouldent i be able to feel somethin wrong?? please please help me im so confused..oh oh yeah what about the throw out bearing??
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Sounds like a throw out bearing... If you replace it, you might as well change the clutch while you´re in there.

I´ve been driving my Mustang for the last few years (25,000 km) with a whining/grinding throw out bearing and it still moves. Just be very careful, no hard shifts, and be gentle.

Sounds like the bearing though.

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