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5.0 Escort GT

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I appreciate the help from you on the fuel smell problem. Now for a bigger request. In the most recent Hot Rod Magazine, Ford contracted a company to place a 5.0 engine, 5speed trans and 8.8 rear into a Ford Focus. It was done as a bolt in job, since Ford would not allow cutting and pasting. The result was impressive. I think the Focus is ugly and belongs in a deep hole. I have been working out the details for years on a 5.0 into a 91-95 Escort GT. Does anyone have any references or know of any companies who have done anything similar. This would be an awesome sleeper. Any help or ideas is appreciated.
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phew, i dunno about that. the size of our 1.8s are roughly same size as a 2.0 and to go from a 2.0 to a 5.0pheww...That big of engine in our cars would, well yeh, it would kick ass. but....possibility of it, is kinda small. If u want rear wheel, the engine wont be tilted sideways nemore, so you´d have to find a short block/small block. As for the transmission, well, there would have to be some room freed down the middle of the car. You would never be able to fit a 5.0 and its transmission sideways... As for rear wheel drive, well, thats a little more simpler to find out. The European/japanese/australian lasers have the tx3, which is an all wheel drive turboed escort. U could prolly adapt the rear end from it, but i´m sure a transfer case would be involved in there somewhere too. As for the drive shaft and u joints, well, you´d have to clear a lot of room. I´m sure you could do the rear wheel drive pretty easily, in mechanical sense that is... Basically, just look at how a tx3´s driveshaft is ran and prolly get ahold or atleast make your own gas tank the same specs or better that the laser has. As for exhaust. With the 5.0, if im not mistaken, its dual exhaust so there´s gonna be some crafty exhaust routing taking place there. Around the gas tank, drive shaft, excetera. Might cost some money, but unless ur a good mechanic, leave it to the custom exhaust places.

I´m thinkin the fire wall would have to be pushed back, or the front end extended. a converson of the front end would have to take place because you are no longer with front wheel drive. So you´d have to rig up independant suspension in the front cuz there prolly isnt an easy way to make a solid axle because the engine would be down lower.

As for fitting the engine, you would have to fabricate custom engine mounts because
a) the engine is no longer sideways
b) there is no way in H*LL the engine mounts ya got right now would hold down a 5.0, not even if you customized them
c) they just wont bolt up to the new engine the same as the 1.8 has.

Electrical wise, you will have to know the schematics of the 5.0. New fusebox, or modify the one you have, it would involve remapping everthing electrical, even down to the fuel cutoff switch we have in our trunks.

If its something you are really interested in and have the determination to do it, go for it. Its gonna take a lot of work, a lot of various tools, parts, outside help, but anything is possible. And if u got the right engine, there are lots of possible parts/modifications/superchargers/turbos that will fit the application.

My suggestion, if u truely wanna go for it, go find a scort with a blown engine because everything under that hood is gonna be obsolete be with that new 5.0.

Have you considered just turboing the living piss out of it? Heck, there are lots of performance parts for the zx2/3 engines out there. They dont have a whole lot of hp comin stock, but bore/stroke/mod/turbo or supercharge/ and you´ve got a sleeper.
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I agree with 92gt5spd... a 5.0 is quite a size difference there, I had thought about a 3rd gen Taurus SHO 3.4L V8 but I´ve been told thats probably too big as well, I bet you could get a 2nd gen SHO 3.0L V6 in a 2nd gen EGT, but still it´d take lots of mods and careful engine bay planning and layout.
I´d then consider putting the
V8 in the back, a la Festiva Shogun(except that was a V6). :-?
first thing you need to do is get the dimensions off of 5.0 with tranny. try mustang shops etc that sell crate engines. once you have that its time to measure. if it will fit RWD style then your set.

I would get a 8.8 ford rear and get some custom axles. unless you can find a IRS system that would work. I´d forget about the tank and put a fuel cell in the trunk.

you will need major frame bracing. I´d do a whole cage to be sure.

thats a decent starting point.

if it is to big then your screwed no matter what. Moving the firewall would essentially mean redoing the whole inside of the vehicle... wouldn´t be cool.

P.S. FWD with a v8 is crazy. think you have torque steer now?! hehe
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i know this is an old topic but...
the 5.0 is 6 inches too long to fit under the hood of an escort. leading the first problem. itll fit if u chop a huge hole in the firewall, or relocate the radiator. too where i dont know. second of all youd also have to relocate the gass tank. so theres room for the drive shaft. the good news on this is. the wheel base is the same on a latye 80´s mustang as the escort so the rearend will fit, but theres a lot of modification to do. id recomomend useing the rearend of a car that has a 4 wheele independat supensuion like a subaru and modifying the drive shaft to fit, probably would be easier. i was actualy thinking of putting a v6 in my scort for awhile would require alot less modification. oh yeah and no mater what your going to have to cut a hole for the trany in the firewall, and the floor of the car.

on a more achieveable goal level i was looking at a few v6 contours at work today the motor mounts look like theyd line up realy well, and it will fit under the hood of a scort prety eazy, but it wiould be realy coastly even with junkyard parts. ive ben waiting to see a totaled contour with a v6 in it go to the towyard behind uor shop. if i get one ill do this mod. the v6 has alot of power i was impresed with it in a contour wich is rather heavy compared to a scort.
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AS THE GUYS AT FORD MOTORSPORTS TOLD ME! Put in a tarus sho v6, the v6 fit, the sho needs a l;ittle work, and that yamaha puts around 250 flywheel, they did it to a 91 pony, ans when they were giving me ideas on the ztech 5 years ago!
and there is a sho put here who specializes in that motor, and there motor with 18 lbs of boost from the supercharger is laying down 434 at the wheels(around there)
it would probably fir better and still keep it front wheel drive, but it has been done!
I think the best thing to do is turbo the 1.8 you already have. if done right it´ll be cheaper, with a better weight ratio, not to mention you don´t have to completely re arrange your engine bay and cut stuff, weakening the chassis. You´ll prolly spend the same amount or less on turboing the 1.8 over doing a 5.slow swap.
yeh turboing 1.8 can get u atleast 180--tis what the gtx puts out stock...get new cams, lower compression pistons... 2.75 inch exhaust... big intercooler, boost controller to get you to around 16psi w/ 8.1 compression and i bet u can get up to around 250ish... not to mention the accell u could get from lightened fly wheel, stage 2 clutch, stronger webbed transmission, stiffened suspension, adjust the damper in the front and rear...front and rear strut bars, front and rear sway bars.... yeh, u´d have a pretty nice car. prolly the same cost as converting a 5.0 stang engine.
I can still hear out of my one ear. You don´t need to shout man. hehe :p ;-)
Alienation95GT....you mentioned you can get a GTX with turbo for around $600. Does the shop near you have a website or a phone number I can get? I´m in florida and i know shipping would probably get me but anything for a turbo.... :cool:

08-04-2003 at 18:57, wolfe wrote:
itll fit if u chop a huge hole in the firewall, or relocate the radiator. too where i dont know.


Side mounted rads like in the lotus elise!!!

And I agree with what james said... unless you want to use your escort for ONLY drag racing and straight stretches, sticking such a hugeass engine in it will totally throw off the weight ratio.

I personally thought that the fun in driving was the turns. You know what they say:

"Straights are for fast cars. Turns are for fast drivers."

I agree with james. Maybe turbo the 1.8L (it turbos well) or throw in something slightly larger and turbo it, but a 5.0 is kinda excessive imo.

Good luck either way, and get us pics :-]
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I know this thread is old...but I just had to comment.

The Lotus Elise doesnt have side mounted radiators. The radiator is in the front...the area that looks like two indentations is not just there for looks...its where the radiator sits.
that mother fucker would be faster than fucking hell
holy damn thread revival batman!!!

too bad that guy probably hasnt been on the board in years... i wish there were more people in 'zona...
A bone-stock 5.0 wouldn't be a whole lot faster than a gtx. It would prolly be comparable because there would be so much more weight from the larger engine. Stock 5.0 made what, 225-240, depending on the year? I can't remember exactly, but I think it would be much easier/cheaper/wiser to put a gtx in. The only real advantage of the 5.0 would be to make your car RWD, and the aftermarket for it. But man, that's a lot of fabbing for not a whole lot of reward. GTX all the way.
joshuh said:
A bone-stock 5.0 wouldn't be a whole lot faster than a gtx. It would prolly be comparable because there would be so much more weight from the larger engine.
a friend of mine has a mustang with a 302 totaly and comepetely stock, we raced a few times (me running about 12psi or so) i came off the line faster, but all in all it was prety even.he totaly got me up hills.

joshuh said:
The only real advantage of the 5.0 would be to make your car RWD
1) you cant do donuts in a fwd car
2) you cant power brake a fwd car
3) you can go arround corners verry well in a fwd car.
4) you would have a verry unique car
5) the sound of a 5.0 with a 4 barrel sounds an isht tone better than a 1.8
6) with a few mods you could make your car do wheelies.
7) how many escorts out there do 1000' posi burnouts?
8) when you roll up next to some gay arse honda going blurb blurb theyll look at you like a god.
9) n/a a 5.0 can make more power than a super super turbo 1.8
10) the 5.0 would outlast the 1.8 by a long time
11) still, nothing beats the sound of a 8000rpm smallblock roasting a set of massive tires
12) you can smallblock your car for a little more than turbo kitting, or gtxing would cost. its just more fabing.
13) theres no replacement for displacement

im starting this same project in my 89pony.
-9" rear end,
-4spd manual
-302 or 351.. cant descide yet.
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Hell marclar, you might as well go with a 460 big block if you're going to do it.
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