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4 BRAND NEW 7x17 Team Dynamics Monza wheels for sale!

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Hello there. I am selling a set of 4 BRAND NEW 7x17 (bolt pattern 4x100 for sure, and I think 4x108, not sure though) Team Dynamics Monza (multispoke-15spokes) WHITE in color. They have never had tires mounted! They are brand new, still in their boxes. They even come with two different center caps for each wheel. I have blue center caps and black center caps. Each wheel comes with instructions on how to cut the center cap screw. They also come each with their own tool, center cap screw and center cap ring. This is a great deal! Absolutely superb wheels. If you have ever seen the Focus WRC on the tarmac events, this is pretty much the same wheel! Very light and very STRONG as Team Dynamics designs their wheels like race wheels so they are very strong. I will take offers into consideration and I am very willing to work with customers to find the best solution for both of us. We can also work out shipping for the best of both. Please reply or e-mail me (your [email protected]) if you are interested and please put your offer so that I can get ideas here. Very willing to sell, but I won´t sell myself under, so let the games begin!
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