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3rd gen shifter bushing question

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I wish to replace my shifter bushing with Energy 4.1106G as I've already been using Energy Suspension components and they work great. Does the shift rod use the same bushing on the transmission and shifter side, or will this part number only work on the shifter side? I will probably try to replace both.
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That one only works on the stationary bar. You’ll need different bushing for the shifter rod itself.
Do you have a part number of any manufacturer for the shifter bushing?
Do you have a part number of any manufacturer for the stationary bar bushing?
That’s the one in your picture. Basically I keeps the distance from shifter to transmission the same at all times. You’ll also need these Fits Ford Escort 1991 - 2003 GT ZX2 Aspire 1994 - 1997 Manual Shifter Bushings | eBay for the shifter itself
Very good; I'll be back under my car this weekend for an oil change. I'll take a look and see how bad they are and go from there.
So you're saying the Energy bushing goes in the front (closest to the transmission) and the ones you posted are for the shifter?
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Very good; thank you much
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I read on another forum that these will work for the 3rd gen shifters as well, as several different vehicles apparently used the same dimension bushings. These are supposed to last alot longer than the OE rubberized bushings. I might try these out instead. They're on ebay for a hair cheaper than the OE bushings.
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I just bought a set of four of those at my local Kia dealer for less than I could get them on ebay.
But I haven't yet tried to install them.
The parts department had to buy ten of them, and told me they'd probably never sell the remaining six.
You can go to napa for the bushings that go inside the shifter ball. it was a few bucks like 15yrs ago. i thought they came in pairs but my unopened pack says ultra-8 0771303 b001-46-062 shifter bushing. made in taiwan. pack of 4 black. Thats where i always got them.
I got mine online from a Mazda dealer after checking the local Ford, Mazda & Kia dealerships. They came in a 2 pack, and of course, one pack had been opened and was missing a bushing.
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