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I searched and found a few threads but pics are gone and there wasn't much detail.

Question for those in the know.

What size projector would work best with a 3rd gen headlight assembly? I'm thinking 3" but not sure if 2.5" would fit better.

What shroud fits best with the OEM reflector? I'm thinking a square shroud with a square angel eye might work best as it would follow the general shape of the OEM reflector.

Xenon or Bi-Xenon? From what I've read the Bi-Xenons seem to be easier to deal with but I wanted to get a more experienced opinion.

HID or LED? I'm thinking LED as LED will last longer and are more energy efficient. 6000K.

What is the best method to mount the projectors to allow for adjustment/pointing? I'm guessing attaching to the reflector itself would allow some adjustment but I'm not sure how sturdy the reflector would be with all the bouncing around the car does.

Aftermarket or salvaged set of projectors? Would it be better/cheaper to go with a system out of an existing car like a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc.?

I'm sure more questions will come up but I'm getting tired of how crappy the OEM headlights are and would like to improve my night driving vision so I'm entertaining different ideas as to how to do that.

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