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does anyone have any useful information on these cars? such as power? top speed? 1/4?
reliability? parts?

just anything would be a great help..

Thnx Guys...and Gals
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Depends on what YEAR 325i, 86Flame...I can get you 0-60 and 1/4 mi stats for 89-90, 92-95, & 2001 models. But I´m not searching for ALL those model years for the rest of the info
I´ll give ya the acceleration numbers for all those years. Here goes..

0-60: 7.5
1/4: 15.5

0-60: 7.8
1/4: 16.5

0-60: 7.8
1/4: 15.8

1993: (2nd Gen EGTs are dead even with this year.)
0-60: 8.4
1/4: 16.5

0-60: 7.4
1/4: 15.5

0-60: 7.7
1/4: 16.0

0-60: 7.0
1/4: 15.4

Trust the Numbers...don´t get a 93 model year, get a 2001 model year. if you´re looking for the speed.
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well, james, i found an 86 325 w/ a 5spd....not saying i´m gonna get it, but it caught my eye.... so, they are relativly quick as i can see....just the 1/4 is kinda slower than i´d hoped....

but, i also got word on a chevelle.....could be expensive....thanks james

No problem, I´d get you some numbers on the Chevelle but there aren´t any on the site I use.
you´ve been a great help..thnx a bunch
Anytime. if you need any more times, write me a post. I´ll get right on it.
Unless you are ready to spend BIG bucks on every little miniscule repair, I would steer clear of a BMW. Unless you could get a newer one, as they have proven to be extremely reliable. Any time you buy an older car you may as well plan on several repairs in the near future.
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Well, 2Fords, thats basically the same thing my parents told me when I bought my Escort...go figure? they were right and I didn´t listen to them, but I still don´t care.
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well, i had 3 major repairs within the 1st yr i had the car....(my 86 egt)

cylinder head/gasket--->cylinder head was cracked--->total price for completion 300$$

now, after the clutch came the replacement of my distributor and all the other parts that are associated w/ it....

so, after i owned this car i spent something over 1500...and that´s on a 6.80/hr paycheck....where i only worked one day a week...and now i work 3 days a week at 7/hr

so....yeah, i know the buy something older is going to need something sooner or later....and to tell you the truth, i don´t think i´ll be buying that bimmer, just because after trying to do 5 series tires....and not being able to get them on, and scratching a freshly powder coated rim, and paying for it.....i´ve been drawn away from german cars....

i´m merely trying to keep my options open....but thanks for reminding me!

´86 Escort Gt
´85 Nissan 300zx

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Hey I may be young but I´m ALWAYS in line
You sound like my parents 2Fords hehe (sorry! lol)
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hell I wish I could make 7 bucks an hour. I´m still making 5.65/hr and I work my ass off...

probably explains why I´m crusing around in an LX wagon and not an EGT
Hey when I bought my GT I was only making 6.25 an hour at Arby´s...they screwed me, I could have been making 9 bucks an hour if my damn manager would´ve gotten off her ass and frikken trained me...anyway, on top of that I was also making 7.50 an hour at my other job hehe
So I had about 700 bucks saved up when I bought my GT for 1904. (the other 1200 was from my insurance company)
If you need extra cash get a second job for a few days a week, or if you´re determined like I was get a second full time job. work 80 hours a week, have no time but tons of cash. It´s worth it when you´re getting 13.25 an hour between the two jobs 250.00 every other week + 300 every week. (minus taxes) but that gave me cash out the wazoo to put into my car...and now that I think about it I sorta wish I had gotten a spankin new car when I had it. But now I won´t give up my Escort unless I have to.
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damn james...you sound like me.....i was gonna pick up a second job...but at that time i was working 4-5 days a week, and only really had one weekend day to chill w/ my friends....but i decided working more than 3 days a week is too much for a 17 yr/o to handle at this time....

and plus, i probably wouldn´t have what i have now...so,

ya, i dunno..............

just need to find a car to buy, i know what i want, it´s just so hard to find one under 2000

i´m looking for the following
---80´s monte carlo-- 305/350
----80´s camaro with a 350
--90´s eclipse tsi awd
----anything with a bigger engine (mustangs, camaro´s)
-- late 80´s fiero gt (don´t know why)
--- 240sx

those are what i´m looking for....and right now, if i could find anything 5spd w/ a 6 cyl ..or auto 8cyl, i´ll be quite happy

we´ll see what comes my way in the next few months
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I actually want to get a second EGT, or possible a small pickup with 4 wheel drive...but neither will happen I´m pretty sure. Oh well.
Well you already have two cars, I only have my scort...I´m thinkin about picking up a 3 day a week job to start paying for rent because as of right now I can afford to pay 300 for a car payment plus roughly 280 for insurance on both my Escort GT and the Corolla S I´m PROBABLY going to get here in a while...plus I want to move out, and my sister has this perfect place that was a 2 car garage converted to a 2 bedroom 1 bath 1 car attached garage place for like 370 plus utilities. (roughly 500) I need to move out and if I can have both my Ford and my Toyota (it really is a beautiful car, go to Toyota.com and check it out)...I will be set and very happy.
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