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323 GTX

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I was talking to 91sleeper about his 323 and he was telling me how they´re rare and pretty quick, but then i got to thinkin tonight and went and looked it up. Now this is the FIRST time I haven´t agreed with the numbers I found on car-stats.com...

Car-Stats.com Report for 1989 Mazda 323 GTX

0-60: 8.7 Transmission: Unknown
1/4 Mile: 16.7
1/4 Speed:

How can the GTX be slower than the n/a BP?!? :-? :-?
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my brother is getting on my IP so I´ll make this quick. How can AWD eat up that much power so that the car will be slower than an EGT that is N/A?
are we referring to the jap model or the american ones? I thought only the bpt gtx was available in japan... :-?
you´re confusing the GTX with the GTR Black. The GTR wasn´t available in the states.

The Mazda 323 GTX is 180hp pushing 8psi of boost stock. Yes its AWD and that does eat up power but for the fun of it go to a part store and ask for a part that you have on your BD8 and ask for the same part for the 323GTX. Wont come up, but you ask why....

The 323 GTX you looked up refers to the 1.6L Turbo GTX motor (BP6). The GTX 1.8L was found from years 91-94 only and is nearly impossible to find anything for in the US, however its the same motor as the EGT, except the compression is lower.

And....when you turbo a GT motor besides having higher compression most people push more boost. That´s how I´m hoping to hit closer to 250hp over the 180hp by the GTX.
eye lub jaysun

hey everybody I got a my set of e36 headlights yesterday- angeleyes should be purchased today, and soone enough I´ll have a full set of angeleyes! wootwoot1
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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