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2nd Gen turbo mods w/a 1.9 Ho head and intake

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Ok, the 1.9l Ho head and intake are on the way. I did some reading and I think that this head wad designed for the dome top gt pistons. Will clearance be a problem with the stock flat tops on the 94 lx 1.9? If not then I believe the compression would be lower. Is this right? Next does this manifold work on this head?(exhaust manifold for a 91 on Mazda/Ford 1.8 BP series engine for rb5 turbo?) Ok then what turbo do I use? If I am seeing thelight right, if I have lower compression with this HO head then a turbo would boost it back up and I should end up with a mean little lx with killer power for very little $$. PLease advise me. If you guys fill in the technical blanks and this will all fit together. I´ll document and digitally phograph the whole procedure for all members. Thanks a Lot for the help. Erik
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Ok, is there a stand alone Fuel and timing computer? or can someone reprogram the fuel and timing curves on my ECU?
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