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2nd gen spoilers

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question . Does the spoiler on 2nd gen 94 up escorts have a downward curve from the pedestal to the outside mounts? I have a nice 2nd gen spoiler that I want to put on my car but in test fitting it I found the outside mounts were way up off of the body . I`m wondering is this a function of the spoiler being forced into a slight curve or just the styling of my car . or could it be a function of both ? any help is appreciated.
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Thanks for the replys . I talkedto a guy tonite at work who installs spoilers and other bodywork for a living . he looked at the pictures I took and said it probably will not fit because of the curvature of my rear deck . He felt that we would crack the spoiler so, back to the drawing boards for now. Does anyone know of a good 2 post mount spoiler that has the same basic shape as the late 2nd gen spoiler ? mine will be available as soon as I`m sure I .can`t use it myself
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