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2nd gen spoilers

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question . Does the spoiler on 2nd gen 94 up escorts have a downward curve from the pedestal to the outside mounts? I have a nice 2nd gen spoiler that I want to put on my car but in test fitting it I found the outside mounts were way up off of the body . I`m wondering is this a function of the spoiler being forced into a slight curve or just the styling of my car . or could it be a function of both ? any help is appreciated.
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28-02-2003 at 15:46, James92Scort wrote:
91 and 92 GTs use the BIG 3 piece wrap around spoiler. 93-96 GTs use the same one piece curved spoiler that is found on the LXs. ;-)


Which is why I like the early 2nd gen GTs (I´ve got a 91).

The spoiler gets a lot of looks- hey, is that an escort? :)

Otherwise everyone would think I drive a piece of shit LX (and yes I do own an LX too, but the GT r4pz0rZ the LX :))

Get a ricey spoiler! hahaha
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oh by the way, out in the boneyard, there´s a wicked wicked early like prototype pre-1st gen EGT and it´s got this freakin pimp black foamy spoiler on it.. I´ll try to get a pic, but it´s pimp :)
ebaymotors.com is a great place to get cheap stuffs.

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