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2nd Gen. spoiler!

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I need a low profile spoiler for a ´95 LX, the cheaper the better! Every one I´ve found is too pricey for my wallet. Somebody please give me some suggestions!Brians Escort[email protected]
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I snagged mine from an early 80´s saab 900 turbo cut a piece of sheet metal to enclose the wiring on the bottom(i added lights)and it is pretty low but very functional.(Much better than the gt one)the biggest prob is they are starting to become few and far between and I don´t know the measurements of your hatch.I had to make 2 aluminum center posts to run screws through to it and 2 pieces of rubber hose for dampeners conceal 2 more screws and 2 more screws on each end.the result is a 45 degree plane six inches deep X the widht of my hatch.now every one thinks my pony is a gt because the match is so good that it looks like stock, but it´s really very different than a gt´s.
Thanks man I´ll check it out. I´d love to see a pic if you got one.
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Not yet, I gotta get some developed so I can scan em.Or borrow a digital cam.I keep meaning to get it done.Both my scorts are decent.I´m lookin for the same spoiler for the 86 but I´m not sure how it will look cause the older body is more boxy.
nuthin wrong with checking out local junkyards for stuff like that either, though those kind of items might be highly sought!
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