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2nd gen seat belt fix

Discussion in 'Interior Modifications' started by jcwagon, Nov 4, 2020.

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    I changed the auto belt system on my 93 Escort.

    It did the typical jammed cable thing and after smacking my head on that slider too many times I had to figure something out.

    I ordered a couple accessory type seat retractors from Jegs, and ripped out the auto retract stuff.

    I wanted it to look stock.


    I had to make a plate to bolt the retractor to, and cut the top track to get access to the threaded boss underneath- retained the track because it supports the door trim.

    The guides and misc spacers came from a Explorer – just keeping it Ford.

    The only mods were cutting the track, making a bolt plate and trimming the lower door post trim, Cutting the belt and sewing on a different fixed end.

    You may have a hard time finding someone to sew a seatbelt for you. Check with an upholsterer.


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