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well since theres one for the GT's, i figured we should have one too.

here it goes:

- 2.0 SPI-CVH
- (split port induction)
- (Compound Valve-angle Hemispherical - dome top
pistons in true hemispherical combustion chamber)
- MegaSquirt stand alone fuel managment system
- 9.7:1 compression
- Garrett T3 (.42/.48)
- 15psi
- 33 lb injectors
- Saab 900 FMIC
- Manual boost control
- DSM adjustable BOV
- 2.5 inch straight pipe
- Custom fabricated manifold, intake pipes, down pipe,
and exhaust.
- Sunpro guages: Tach, Oil psi, Boost, Water temp, Oil
temp, Fuel psi, Air/fuel ratio
- Front mounted pre-turbo oil cooler
- Adjustable turbo oil pressure

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96 LX 5 speed

lots and lots of white vinyl and spray paint. poly swaybar bushings. home made strut braces and tie bars. magnaflow muffler and 3" tip.


well, after I get out of school and have money:

redone interior





RALLY CAR :wink:

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Nice triple post Josh! Server problem again I think.

Yeah, I'm part of this club too.

91 Escort LX. No mods and none planned. Ugly as hell; source of embarassment for everyone who knows me. Wife will not be seen in or around it. Partly GT due to required replacement body parts of a completely different colour. Extreme rust problems. Original clutch and muffler. Stock 13 inch rims (everybody says the LX has 14", but mine has 13"). Filthy as can be. Won't quit. Will drive 'er till 500,000 km or till clutch quits - whichever comes first.

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1995 lx 4dr

1st gen Header
Ractive intake
MSD coil w/Magnacore wires/ Bosche platinum +2's
Pacesetter Cat back exhaust
Ractive front strut bar
H&R Springs
Tokiko S/R Struts
Energy Suspension Bushing kit
Braided Stainless Brake lines
Brembo Discs
Hawk Street/Race pads
Rear disc Conversion (in progress)

And thats about it. Its still slow, but it handles great!

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93 LX 3 door

2002 SPI swap with some goodies attached to it and behind it in the tranny. :wink:
Head work and cam to come spring/summer 2005 along with MegaSquirt Ultra if it's out.
Tiebars, springs, and struts are going on this winter.
Turbo project sometime after all the head work and MegaSquirt.

Best run to date 16.4 @ 84mph (wicked wheel hop through 1st)
Track weight 2500lbs
Est. power output 115whp.

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95' LX

Currently under the knife undergoing a boosting operation. :lol:

-DSM T25 turbo
-Spearco FMIC
-Greddy e-manage fuel management
-Greddy Profec E-01 boost control/interface
-All mandrel bent piping
-braided stainless oil feed/drain hose
-Russell fittings
-Greddy Type S BOV
-32lb Accel injectors
-Aeromotive FPR
-Walbro 255 ltr/hr pump
-JGS custom mani
-Eclipse dump pipe
-possibly MSD timing control(I'll know when it is started)

Other mods include...

-EVO III front bumper
-95' GT sideskirts
-17 inch Enkie RS5 rims wrapped in Federal 205/45/17 Z rated rubber
-2 inch drop with DropZone adjustable coilovers
-Centerforce Dual Friction clutch
-Weapon R Performance air intake
-Performance exhaust
-Window tint
-Short shifter
-Powdercoated valve cover and rear drums
-Keyless entry, alarm with remote start-I also added power locks while I was at it
-Sylvania SilverStar bulbs
-Denso Iridium plugs
-Bosch 8mm wires
-White face backglow gauges
-MTX 8100D 1500W monoblock sub amp
-Dual Kicker S12L72 square drivers in custom plexiglass box
-5 1/4 up front and 5X7 out back(MB Quart Discus series drivers)
-500 Watt 4 channel Kenwood running all four MB Quarts
-1 farad digital Stinger Capacitor
-Custom amp rack/sub display to hold all the above audio equipment
-Sony MD recording head unit
-Sony 10 disc CD changer

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1995 5spd LX hatchback

-Blue interior pieces(needs to be repainted)
-Black and Blue shift boots(need to be replaced)
-Ractive shift knob(needs to be replaced)
-Aiwa head unit
-kenwood 800 watt amp
-Polk Audio components
-12"Alpine type E sub in Q-logic enclosure
-blue cone air filter
-clear turn signals with blue bulbs(gel caps)
-painted orange reflector black

more to come someday, when I have spare money, until then I'm broke and no time..LoL

Tonight on my way home from work my car is gonna roll over to 100K miles....I'll tyr and take a picture..LoL...ima cry!!!!


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94 LX-3 5 Speed

95 1.9 block
94 1.9 Head
blown up tranny (again)
New Axles/Hubs
White on grey
stock wing,
stock 14" 7 spoke aluminum rims
(have white 15" GT rims in storage)

Replace with EGT lol

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'95 LX 2-door

auto tranny, 61K miles.
Dark Tourlamine Green ext. and grey & black (spraypainted) int.

mods: not too many..
-Alpine head unit w/ Infinities all the way around w/ custom installed tweeters & 12" SPI sub w/ Autio Art amp.
-K&N air filter
-DropZone coilovers 2" drop
-'93 GT rims (powdercoated) and painted calipers & drums
-GT seats
-canadian seatbelt swap
-gas/trunk release cables install
-pilot pro series fog lights
-corksport clear corners
-window tint
-rain guards
-NO seat or steering wheel covers.

mods in the future:
-EVOIII bumper (if unable to acquire, there's a GT bumper & grille waiting)
-GT sideskirts & rear bumper
-'92 GT 3-pc spoiler
-possible tranny swap to a manual (with all the aftermarket goodies thrown in to make it all worth while)
-headers & 2 1/4" exhaust w/ hi-flow cat
-add second 12" sub. probably another amp too.

that's all i can think of..

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DeathSlinger00 said:
hey martinarcher, where'd you get your evo bumper from?? looks nice.
I bought it off a member of ERDT early this past summer. I chopped off the grille and fiberglassed a filler peice between the stock grille and the new bumper in order to use escort headlights instead of tracer headlights. The bumper was pretty hacked up when I got it. A week of fiberglass treatment in the garage and it was looking pretty nice. I painted it and the rest is history! :lol:

Here is a pic of what I did - sorry it was taken at dusk...


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93 lx 2 door. 115K km's. Manual.

-HO header, custom cold air, magnaflow hi-flow cat, high flow muffler.

-15" Wheels, custom trunk, clear corners, new paint. Tinted, vent visors, blackouts on the back.

-Blue neon's inside, dyed blue interior pieces, shortshifter, leather boot, new shiftknob. 2 12" Clarion subs, 6 1/2 Pioneers in the front, 5x7 JBL's in the back, Clarion Cap., 2 and 4 channel Pioneer amps...all nicely customized in the trunk.

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93 lx 4 dr 5spd...3a racing muffler,bosch platinum plugs and wires..ground control coilovers not in yet i need new struts krylon fusions true blue painted interior need to redo it for good this time and put a clear coat on it...plans.. lots look at my site for everything.
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