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2nd Gen Escort Pony

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I was just woundering if ford had ever put out a second gen pony and if so did it have the engein mounts for the maxda 1.8 liter motor. Also did the second gen lx models come with mounts for the 1.8 liter motor. Thanx for your help
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I´m thinking all second gen models have the same motor mounts on them to put in any 2nd gen engine/transmission. I mean it makes sense to me, but I could be wrong... It does happen, believe it or not
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no they dont. the 1.9 sits different then the 1.8 actually. Thats why swapping from a 1.9 to a 1.8 is almost a waste. Well mounts, tranny, axles, rack and pinion....etc.

not saying it couldn´t be done or be done well.
Well mounts are different but holes are the same. No welding is needed. You can swap in any engine that came from the same chasi as Escort. Like Focus or Protege for example.
AleX, will this work with the same chassie as the second gen, because i know the 3rd gen escorts used a chassie based off the protege chassie.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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