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hey, 1st off, i have a 93 escort lx wagon w/ a 1.9l engine & auto tranny. ok, now i've been having idling problems, but i was told it would probably be the egr valve. so we go 2 pep boys, get the part. we also got one of those repair books that tell & show u everything (it was the mercury tracer/1991-1996 ford escort). in the picture in the book, it showed the exact same part i was holding in my hand. but the problem is it's not on my car. in the manual thing it says that there is a pipe that comes off of the ehaust pipe up 2 the egr valve (& showed the picture) that's by the intake pipes(4 metalic pipes that r curved & come off the rear, almost top of the engine). there is no such pipe, anywhere on the exhaust pipe. infact, there is NOTHING that comes off of the entire exhaust system except the o2 sensor. there is something that looks slightly similar, & it's mounted on the intake manifold & has one of those really small diameter black plastic tubes running 2 it (which the egr valve i got from pep boys has). any help GREATLY appreciated.
Ps. we didn't just look near the intake manifold or the exhaust, we looked literally EVERYWHERE on that car, the part simply just isn't there. thanks, jordan
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