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1992 Ford Escort GT
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Hey all, trying to replace my '92 EGT dome light assembly (w/sunroof model) as it's literally crumbling apart and the cover lens no longer stays attached. Using Google image search with a photo of the dome light posted on this forum, I found that Mazda used these same dome lights on some 323 and B2600 models. I bought one and it just arrived today. It's an exact match! Even came with a new bulb, although I plan to swap that out with the Philips 578 Ultinon LED Bulb (DE3175WLED). I searched through the forum and didn't see this info anywhere. Posting this for others in case it's helpful.

Here's the link, and in case it doesn't work at some point in the future, the model number for this part is BG6251310A (BG62-51-310A). EDIT: This did not come with any screws.

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