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2nd Gen Bumper / Air Dam

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I posted this on the ERDT message board but thought I would just post it here too.

I am about half way through with making a front bumper /air dam for my 94 LX. It is a little low, as testdriving proved but I will fix that by cutting it back 2" and putting rubber garden trim around the bottom (we will see if that really looks ok). But it the mean time, for all those people looking for aftermarket body kits, stop looking and start making. It is really not to difficult. You can see my progress at: www.geocities.com/escortkxt :-D
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pretty tight man. I just wish I had the time to be able to start strapping shit to my bumper. What is all that exactly? it looks like carbon fiber or particle board?.. :-? I like the shifter, but what´d you do to your center console? looks like you put plastic pieces on and sanded it down.
- I will post the step by step on the page tonight with drawings. But the bumper is basically a steel frame. Polyester cloth stretched over the frame and fiberglass resin brushed over it. Then a second coat o fiberglass mat soaked in resin and placed over the first layer. Many more layers to go. Then cutting, for lights and brake cooling. All in all the final thickness will be about 1/4". I will post again when the step by step is up.

Matthew :-D
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