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ok that had nothing to do with this but i knew it would get people to look :oops:

i have read most or all of the past posts and i believe i have set my timing to 16degrees btdc BUT... heres where you come in, On my 1.8L on that timing mark thing there is that 10 then the T at the very bottom of it next to the last two timing marks and if i did it correctly 16 btdc is the last mark right? each mark is 2 degrees right? i wouldnt mind help if you have any. I am on my way to fill up my tank with 92 octane but i have taken it around the block and have a noticable decrease in power. not a ton just a slightly noticable amount and if i remember correctly this is because i doesnt have high octane fuel, i guess we will see tonight but i would still appreciate some help thanks.

ok i think it is to far b/c it is still sluggish i remember when i first got it i could really screech into second (like a screech for like a second) and now nothing at all i can redline it shift... nothing do you think it could just be my clutch? thanks for reading my bs and giving me some great words of advice
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