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For Sale: 2000 Escort SE Sedan

Price: $1900
Location: Kent, WA
Basic Info: 125,237 miles, Automatic Trans, Power Windows, Power Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Trunk Release, Cruise Control, A/C, Factory 14" wheels with matching set of four all season tires with lots of tread left.

There comes a time in every young man's life where he must part with his first love. For me, that day has come. I am moving to a smaller place and will no longer have anywhere to store a second car. I'm offering her up here on the forums first because most of what she is comes thanks to this community over the years.
If i don't get any takers here in a week or so, I'll post an ad in all the other usual places too.

This car has the following non-stock parts / projects:
Suspension / Brakes:
Eibach Pro-Kit Springs with Tokico S/R Struts
Front & Rear Lower Tiebars (from MazdaRacer's group buy)
Ractive Font Upper Strut Bar
2nd gen GT Rear Sway Bar
Polyurethane Bushings
4-Wheel Disk Brake Conversion
KVR Cross-Drilled Rotors (Cadmium Plated)
KVR Carbon Fiber pads
Powder Coated Front Caliper Brackets (from ZXTuner)
Braided Stainless Steel Flex Lines

Engine / Exhaust:
Hotshot 4-2-1 header
Magnaflow stainless steel high flow catalytic converter
Summit Racing stainless steel flex pipe
Borla ZX2 S/R stainless steel muffler with tip
2.25" Piping throughout
Aluminum 25% Underdrive Pulley
CTA Aluminum Intake
MSD Coil Pack with Magnecor wires

Exterior / Misc:
Clear corner headlight assembly
Custom painted rear reflector
Window rain guards
"Escort" Script embroidered front floor mats

You can see pictures of several of these project on my website, although some of them are out of date at this point. Pics on the website are from when the projects were done, not necessarily as the car sits now.

What you don't get:
- The Rota SubZero wheels seen on my website, (but they're also for sale too)
- A sound system - at all - none! Most of it was stolen a few years back. What wasn't stolen i took out and never replaced. I did replace the center console so the HVAC controls work fine. The good news that they didn't cut the factory harness when they stole the head unit, so it's good to go there. Just plug in a deck and toss some speakers in it. I have the factory radio/cassette unit in case you still like cassettes or something.
- A color matched driver's seat. It's gray. The rest of the interior is tan. I had a Corbeau racing seat in there (no, it's not for sale) and I don't have the original seat. Finding tan seats that aren't trashed is surprisingly hard, so gray will have to do. The padding in this one is in much better condition than the original seat anyway.

Pics as she sits currently:
IMG_7301.JPG IMG_7298.JPG IMG_7305.JPG IMG_7307.JPG
IMG_7309.JPG 20130921_153834.jpg IMG_7310.JPG 20130921_154026.jpg
20130921_153937.jpg 20130921_153953.jpg

scortin daily
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Hopefully u told them about feoa.net so we can still get updates on it. I got a lot of ideas for my car from your website
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