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2 Kills In One Night

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I recently got new exhaust and a new muffler. About two days afterward I was cruisin´ one Friday night when I pulled up next to someone driving a new alero. A kid in the front seat was lookin at my car and telling his older bro to look well his bro decided to punch it and I was at 45 in 2nd and punched it too. i pulled about 3/4 of a car length and let off. He gave me the gay smile as he drove by.

Next, I pulled up to this gigantic F-350 I mean this thing was LOUD! I drove up next to him and piped him. The guy in the passenger seat looked and laughed and said "My little brother´s bike is faster than that" He piped me back then I downshifted to 2nd and puched it and took a 1/2 car length in front then left off and asked him what he had, he shook his head and said V-10 with flowmasters. Later I found out it was a V-8. But still I liked the win.
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